• A Ministry of the Congregation of Holy Cross
  • Emergency Call
  • Opening Time
    24 Hrs

Our outpatient department offers both routine medical consultations
and specialist clinics. They are supported by laboratory, pharmacy,
physiotherapy and radiological services.

We also offer services in the area of child welfare, ante- and postnatal
care, HIV and TB diagnosis and management, and cervical cancer screening.
We have an active counselling service in all aspects of support. In addition, there
is an ambulance service.

From routine checkups to diagnosis and treatment of worrisome symptoms, our providers can help you take control of your physical well-being.

Our doctors and staff address issues as they arise. We offer preventative services such as vaccinations, gynaecological screenings and counselling,With our help, you have a much better chance of understanding what’s going on in your body, staying on top of your health care, and anticipating future challenges.