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Child welfare clinics serve all families with children in all matters related to child health.

The aim of a child welfare clinic is to guarantee that the child grows and develops well and stays healthy. A child welfare clinic helps families to understand that healthy ways of life are important for a child from the early years on. A child welfare clinic also guides families into making right decisions for attaining healthy ways of life. The practice of a child welfare clinic starts when the child becomes two weeks old. The practice continues until the child starts school.

Child welfare clinic (CWC) is emphasized for growth and development monitoring of the baby

Growth monitoring and promotion (GMP) programmes promote not only child health but serve as a service delivery strategy to enhance coverage for other crucial nutrition-specific interventions.

    Infants are usually 2-weeks old when moved from Maternity Clinics to Child Welfare Clinics. CWC services include all health related matters. Children will be recommended for further tests and examinations where necessary to our Pediatrician. Monitoring and extra visits will be arranged if need be.


    Our priority as a facility is to identify any clinical issue in the child that prevents development. In the event that a disease breaks out during the prevention period, we diagnose it during its early stages and start treatment immediately.


    Regular checkups during our clinics ensure that your child is well-monitored by our pediatric staff. You can schedule for our special clinic days at our hospital.


    Mothers can also get more information from our nurses during their Antenatal Clinic (ANC) visits.


Professional Nutritional advice ,counselling and food supplementation is also available to ensure proper development of the infant.