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Dandora is located on the outskirts of Eastern Nairobi. It was established in 1977 and partially funded by the World Bank with the aim of offering a higher standard of housing. It was planned for 40,000 people, but currently there are over 1 million people living in Dandora. It is part of the Embakasi Constituency and is divided into 5 phases. The Brother Andre Medical Centre is in Phase 3.

Dandora has a high crime rate, together with drug and alcohol abuse. The authorities neglected it and now it is a slum. It is the major refuse dumping site for all the leafy suburbs of Nairobi and is an environmental hazard. The dump is the size of more than 3 football pitches and is growing. It is a mountain of domestic rubbish, set on fire at night, resulting in toxic smoke that leads to numerous clinical conditions – mostly respiratory and lung infections.

A recent study undertaken by the United Nations has revealed that 50% of children tested have concentrations of lead 42% higher than normal. The gap between the Dandora neighbourhood and other neighbourhoods across Nairobi remains huge. In 2012, the Congregation of Holy Cross, in partnership with the Community of Dandora, undertook a study, identifying Dandora as one of the areas in need of a mother and child center.