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Maternity Care

Maternity Packages

The Bro Andre Maternity package entails antenatal visits, delivery and postnatal care.

Antenatal visits only
• Up to 8 visits (including out of office hours visits)
• Laboratory tests (Urinalysis, Haemogram, Blood Grouping, VDRL, HIV – Optional)
• Two Obstetric Ultrasound Scans
• Three months supply of prenatal iron and calcium supplements
• Prenatal classes
New Delivery Package
• 3 days admission in general ward
• Normal ward procedures & consumables e.g Pads, basin, salt, flannel, cotton wool, spirit etc
• Labour ward charges including medications & episiotomy where necessary
• Paediatrician & doctors visits for 3 days.
• Pain medication in the ward and on discharge.
• Child immunization (BCG, Polio and Hepatitis B) before discharge.
Caesarean Section
• 5 days General ward services for the mother inclusive of doctor’s visits.
• Laboratory tests e.g cross match 2 units whole blood, haemogram, urea, electrolytes and creatinine.
• Normal ward procedures
• Maternity operating theatre services
• 4 days general nursery and 1 day special care unit for the baby.
• 3 ward visit by paeditrician for the baby.
• Child immunization (BCG, Polio, and hepatitis B) preferably before discharge.
• Pain medication in the ward and on discharge.


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