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Ante-natal Clinic

Antenatal Care

Our goal is to optimise maternal and foetal health. This service is designed to monitor the changes in mother and baby. Mothers are advised on measures they should take to safeguard their health and that of that of their baby. A number of medical examinations are recommended to detect any risks to the mother and baby. Early detection enables early intervention. The services offered at this stage include the following:
⦁ General Examination.
⦁ Blood pressure.
⦁ Blood grouping.
⦁ Haemogram.
⦁ Venereal disease (VDRL).
⦁ Urinalysis.
⦁ HIV test (optional but recommended) and counselling.
⦁ Physical exercises (with the advice of a doctor and physiotherapist).
Professional nurses and doctors who provide them with continuity of care throughout her pregnancy handle every pregnant woman. This includes regular antenatal check-ups, care during the labour and birth, and continuing check-ups after birth.
⦁ Three months supply of prenatal iron and calcium complements.
⦁ Prenatal classes.


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